I found DSI Fitness looking for something I thought that I would never find....a Cybex Arc Trainer that I could afford! Buying something used was the only way I could ever have one in my home, so I took a leap and met Joel at his warehouse. He clearly explained how he acquires equipment, how they are refurbished and the warranty he provides. I was even able to try the trainer and verify that everything functioned just as he had promised! My trainer was delivered on time and without any issues looking brand new. In my opinion, if you are in the market for a quality refurbished commercial fitness equipment, I strongly encourage giving DSI Fitness a try.


In January of 2012, I had to outfit our new corporate center for our highrise building in Midtown Atlanta. I had a limited budget and needed to get the most product out of my budget. A colleague referred me to DSI Fitness. They had worked with DSI on a similar project as mine and they were pleased with the result. I was amazed by the products that I was able to purchase. DSI equipment looked brand new, and our tenants could not tell that the product was refurbished. We highly recommend DSI Fitness for anyone considering refurbished fitness products.

Tom A.

I was referred to DSI Fitness by our corporate gym's manager at Piedmont Hospital. I wanted to invest in a commercial elliptical at an affordable price for my home. Since this was a purchase I have never made before, I was reluctant in purchasing something used. I did not want to purchase a product and worry about issues. I met with Joel at his warehouse and discussed my concerns. He thoroughly explained his refurbishing process and assured me that a commercial product in the home was the best arrangement that I could have. I have had the product for 2 years with no issue. We highly recommend DSI Fitness to friends and family.